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About us

Serial Keys Philippines is an online platform for e-commerce. It has been created to offer genuine products to customers. We have seen that most companies that sell products whether electronic or physical have no smooth process or a fixed-guarantee system.

Serial Keys Philippines aims to give our customers a sense of assurance. Therefore, they can have the trust while buying online products with us. We focus more on our customer satisfaction, rather than just making money from them.

We are revolutionizing the e-commerce system by offering various types of products on our site. You get full assistance from our side, so you do not have to worry about losing money or getting cheated.

The Company has a long term vision and we are progressing towards it. Therefore, we are helping thousands of customers with proper and fast shipping, giving them quality products, offering discounts and return guarantees, and many more.

The Company is making all of these processes seamless and easy for the customer. We are happy to inform you that we’ve achieved some level of growth until now. The Company is continuing to grow fast due to our innovative methods, process, and planning!

Products and Services that We Sell

You will find a variety of products on our site. They are selected after multi-step selection criteria by our team. Also, only products that match and satisfy the quality requirements of the Company are listed on the site.

All of the products come with a 90-day return policy which you can check from our Terms and Conditions. Also, you will find electronic and software products on our site.

We deliver genuine products and offer the original software licenses to the customer. Giving the best experience for the customer is the thing that matters to us. Thus, we have ensured that all the products that the Company sells in this online platform are 100% genuine, trusted and legit.

What We Are Working Upon

Currently, we are making the complete process even smoother and efficient. Hence, we are working towards constantly improving our transaction system, shipping system, and other related services.

Making customer service effective is very important. This is why we are improving our customer services to answer queries, offer help and suggestions as fast as we can. We give 24×7 customer service support and you can call us between 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Our team is dedicated as well as determined to make the Company one of the largest platforms for buying products and electronic goods in the coming days. So, Join Us Now by signing up and start shopping with us. We guarantee that you will love the experience.


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